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Monday, 15 August 2011

Free Falling

I click on the confirm icon and raise my glass in a celebratory salute. “It’s done!” 

Our tickets are now booked. Nothing unusual about booking airline tickets but this time there’s a difference. These read ‘One Way’. There is no return ticket. No return date. No return from destination. Only an inbound ticket for two to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In a world where guarantees and certainty are demanded and the need to have everything planned out and organised is expected, I feel a surge of exhilaration course through me at the thought of being free. Free of deadlines, plans and expectations. Nothing is organised other than to land one morning in KL. Where we’ll lay our heads that night and the next and onwards, we do not know. The uncertainty of this journey will thrust us into the world of free falling where the gift of serendipity awaits.  

The glasses raised in salute softly clink together and we smile, a hint of nervousness in both our faces. “Yep, it’s done!

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