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Monday, 31 August 2015

Take a Daycation and feel the holiday bliss

As I try to quell the 'is the date here yet' impatient vibes and get in training for the upcoming passport stamp (or three) injection - (details coming real soon) - I find that taking a Daycation is the perfect way to get that holiday bliss and rejuvenation feeling. 

What's a Daycation? I hear you ask... it's a day trip that feels like a vacation - without having to unpack luggage and re-stock the fridge with fresh food on arrival back home.   Some people call it a "Sunday drive" but if you leave super early in the morning and wander home late afternoon (or in the evening) it can feel like you've been away for a week.  I've become addicted to them - it helps settle my wanderlust affliction.

We've got a mountain or two coming up to train for and so each weekend M and I have been loading the bicycles into the Jazz - roomiest little voom voom ever (we once fitted a go-kart into it) - and heading off to drop-dead gorgeous villages that are about an hour or so from us.   I admit,  I'm pretty spoilt when it comes to picturesque idyllic villages with living on the far north coast of NSW,  we've got the most stunning beaches and glorious hinterland hideaways right on our doorstep, but for some reason we rarely visit them (too busy looking further afield) - well this past month that has all changed.  

Last week is was beautiful Brunswick Heads,  or Bruns as the locals like to call it (unfortunately I forgot to take the camera so have no pics to tease you with)  and this weekend M and I flipped the coin and Yamba - once voted "Best Town in Australia"- won the toss.